Divine Intervention Episode 88 – USMLE Step 3/Medicine ITE/ABIM Review Series 3 (Meningitis)

Given the fact that this podcast series is likely going to be used by M4’s/residents, I will start making the Step 3/ABIM/MITE series shorter so you can get in some studying if you have a 15-20 min break or have a drive to the hospital. In view of this, there will be many more podcasts for this series (and I will start making them more frequently). There are no attached slides. In this episode, I detail essentially everything you need to know about meningitis for these 3 exams. One important tidbit I forgot to mention is giving IV Dexamethasone about 15 mins before starting abx therapy if you suspect S. Pneumo as the offending organism. You do this for 4 days. There are no attached slides.

Audio Download

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