A close friend of mine told me about The Divine Intervention podcast.  After taking step 1, I knew that I needed extreme change in the way I approached studying for Step2. I am an IMG and after taking Step 1 felt that my journey was over. I decided to make proper adjustments by using Divine’s clerkship review videos to create a base of knowledge during my clinical rotations. After that I listened to about 4-5 rapid review podcasts a day. The final clutch thing I did which I strongly recommend 100% was the review course he offers. It was the final touch in connecting all the details and feeling confident in my exam prep. My Step 2 score ended up being 38 points higher than my Step 1 score.
I reached out to Divine for help studying for the Step 2CK exam.  My Step 1 score was low and I was hoping to match into dermatology, so I really needed a strong Step 2CK score to have a chance.  I started by taking his 1 day Step2 CK course, which I really got tremendous use out of.  Divine was somehow able to cover all the major topics and details in a really short amount of time.  He provided all the participants with a document with all the scenarios, making it easy for us to take notes throughout the course. Because he presented the information in a question and answer format, I was able to use my notes to quiz myself and review the information in an active manner. Divine then helped to create a study schedule for me consisting of his more comprehensive podcasts and the NBME practice shelf exams.  He also met with me to go over the shelf exams to hone my test taking abilities, which I really think made a huge difference.  Throughout the whole process, Divine was extremely encouraging and really made me feel like I could do it even on days when I felt really down.  I knew without a doubt that he really cared about me and my success.  In the end, I got a Step 2CK score that I was extremely happy with (17 point increase from my Step 1 score), and I eventually matched into my top choice dermatology program!  It was truly a dream come true.  I will be forever grateful for what Divine was able to do for me.  I highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity to do so.
Thank you so very much, again, for everything!!
-First year resident.

After months of Step 2 CK prep, my score remained at borderline and below the pass until I came across your podcasts and resources 1 month before my test day.  I aggressively studied with your resources(Podcasts & Notes) plus Q-banks for about 2 weeks or less and took an NBME a day before your 10 hours review, I paid/enrolled for and I scored 213. I aggressively reviewed the 10hour course and continued to do question banks and study with your podcasts until my test date. The Step 2Ck (test day) was the only board exam I took and knew for sure I was going to pass. I saw almost a 10-point increase in my final score when compared to the NBME I took two weeks to my test date. I give thanks to God for using you to thoroughly prepare me. I can tell you that my passing this exam was by God’s Divine Intervention.


I started working with Divine at the end of 3rd year for Step 2 CK tutoring, and I am so happy that I did. I listened to his podcasts for all subject NBME’s during clinical rotations, and I decided to work with him due to how helpful they were. My Step 1 score was mediocre and I wanted to do well on Step 2, and Divine definitely helped me to make that happen. He provided me with a very detailed schedule, study tips, and help with test-taking strategies. We worked on identifying my weaknesses and building on my strengths. Working with Divine helped me to feel more confident in my knowledge base, which allowed me to feel ready to crush it on test day. I wish we worked together for Step 1! I highly recommend Divine to any medical student. I am so grateful to have worked with him, and I am excited to work on ERAS applications with him in the near future. Thank you so much Divine!


I found Divine through his vodcasts—a classmate recommended his IM shelf review, and when I watched his videos, I realized he explained concepts in a way that made sense to me. I really needed to raise my Step 2 score and, relieved to see that he offered tutoring, I reached out. I heard back from him within hours, and we set up a consultation. He is very approachable and I appreciated his direct-but-kind way of assessing my learning style, scores, and approach to standardized testing, which made me feel that I could be open with him and accept constructive feedback. At my medical school, there is minimal structure, minimal didactics, and exams are intentionally designed not to be reflective of board exams (if you can believe it). This is really detrimental to someone like me, who assimilates information in an intuitive fashion (MBTI – N) and can see where every answer choice in a question could be correct under certain circumstances. I knew that an important missing piece of my study and approach was STRUCTURE. After meeting with Divine, we identified that I needed to solidify my fund of knowledge, to better organize what I knew and to devise a study schedule that clearly laid out review topics and practice exams. I also needed a sound, replicable study strategy, practice executing it, and to be held accountable. Divine was able to help with all of these elements, and I was able to raise my Step 2 score 38 points over my Step 1 score in just 6 -7 weeks. That said, if I could do it again I would start working with him earlier (e.g., at least 12 weeks out) as there is much benefit to consistently reviewing his study materials and practicing his strategies to the point that they are your default when stressed and tired in actual exam. Not only did I improve on my Step scores, but also achieved my highest Shelf score ever on the Family Medicine subject exam—widely accepted as the most difficult. Additionally, I was able to use what I learned from Divine’s lectures and our tutoring sessions to advocate for work ups on patients that led to correct (and life-saving) diagnoses on more than one occasion during my sub-internships. I was able to confidently and knowledgeably discuss patients and their pathologies with patients, their families, residents and attendings, which helped me make a good impression on those whose opinions matter professionally. The Divine Intervention podcasts, vodcasts, one-on-one tutoring sessions, NBME practice exams, and UWorld (though minimally so) were the only tools I used to prep for Step 2 CK and the last few Shelf exams. We also spent a session each on personal statement writing and Step 2 CS prep, which I passed. There are lots of resources available, but what I have already described, coupled with reading Up to Date and other articles on the wards, really streamlined my prep and helped me do well. As a kinesthetic and auditory learner, it was hard for me to find ways to engage with the material I needed to know, especially when I learn best by seeing patients who have the pathologies I need to learn. Working with Divine did not specifically help with the kinesthetic learning aspect, but being able to listen to his videos and podcasts as well as reviewing his notes while working out or walking made a huge difference in getting the information to stick. The auditory repetition also helped. His fee is not inexpensive, but it was worth every penny in my mind. Even if I had not achieved the score I was looking to on Step 2, it would have been due to my inconsistency in applying Divine’s test taking strategy, not a failure of the strategy itself—when I use it, it works. In fact, in this case I still would have worked with him for Step 3 because I believe in his method that much, and am planning to start prep with him early in my intern year.

-4th year medical student.

I found Divine when searching for shelf review podcasts at the end of my 3rd year. I felt that he led comprehensive review sessions that hit on the major high yield topics! I would definitely recommend watching these as a complement to UWorld question prep. I also participated in a one-on-one tutoring session with Divine 2 weeks prior to my Step 2 CK exam. We went over high-yield test taking strategies that I used during the exam! They helped me narrow down the answer choices on the curveball questions. He also identified areas of weakness in my content review, so that I could focus on those areas prior to test day. I improved over 40 points between my Step 1 and Step 2 CK Score. Thank you Divine!

– 4th Year Medical Student
I learned about The Divine Intervention podcast from one of my friends. As per his advice I decided to join the one on one tutoring class and I am extremely happy that I did that. Divine is a great teacher. His areas of teaching include not just subject matter, but also test taking strategies which help you think like ‘your friends at the NBME’ think! I am very happy with my CK score and I wish I had known him before I did my step 1!!! I have learned that he tries to keep himself updated with changes in the testing patterns! When I told him that I struggle with Biostatistics he surprised me by creating a podcast just on Biostatistics and his tips did help with those complex questions on the real exam!!! Thanks Divine, if it was not with your help; I would not have scored this high in CK! I would highly recommend his tutoring without any hesitation to anyone needing to raise their scores! I went from a 211 on Step 1 to a 249 on Step 2CK!
4th year medical student
I stumbled across Divine’s Podcasts and reviews early in my 3rd year. I had the pleasure of working with him one on one and found following his rigorous yet meticulously systematic schedule was paramount in my advancement which ultimately resulted in a dramatic score increase on my Step 2 exam. I wish I would have known him before taking Step 1! Going through and breaking down the questions/answers with Divine helped me learn how to take an exam and taught me what the test writers are truly trying to test. After prepping with Divine for 6 weeks I felt as though I was ready for Step 2 and felt that everything was covered during our review and tutoring sessions. I would highly recommend him to anyone preparing for shelf and Step exams.
N.T. 4th year US-IMG 

Divine is an amazing teacher. He has a variety of resources that are easy to listen to and has concise board relevant material that is incredibly high yield. I remember taking Step 2 CK and saw so many questions that were word for word what he said would be on the test including obscure pharmacology. He is a great tutor and will identify strengths and weaknesses in both subjects as well as test taking strategy. One of the best uses for the tutoring service is learning test taking strategy which improved the way I thought about what the test takers would want. Furthermore, utilize the service for the NBME questions since he knows all the answers and will explain subjects that the test creators consider the highest yield. Amazing person and kind too.

-CM, 4th year medical student

A friend told me to listen to Divine’s high risk podcasts. I did and I was impressed with his presentation of the material. I decided to utilize his tutoring services. His explanations were clear and I was able to sit my USMLE step 2 CK exam with great confidence! I am extremely happy with the score I received and I know it was because of a Divine intervention!!! I can’t say thank you enough!!!


I am an international doctor, and I had never heard of people close to me trying tutoring before. After taking Step 1, I knew I needed to increase my score on Step 2CK to make my residency application more competitive. I had read some posts about USMLE tutoring and luckily ran into Divine’s website. Having these one-on-one sessions with Divine was so worth it. I was surprised with the results given the relatively little time I spent with him. My step 2CK score was in the 95th percentile with 6 weeks of studying in total and one session per week with Divine, which is less time than is usual for international students/doctors. I strongly believe that my Step 2CK score was a great boost for my app and helped me get more interviews than I first expected. Divine helped me set up a study schedule for Step 2CK with a focus on resources that were tailored to my learning style. He helped significantly with improving my test taking ability with a regular focus on how strategy could help with easy and difficult NBME questions. This changed everything, including the way I approach tests up to this day. What I learned during those sessions also helped me with studying for Step 3 where I scored in the 99th percentile (also after working with him for a few weeks). Going through my wrong questions on the NBME assessments with him taught me how to think like the test makers and make the most of my knowledge base and prevented me from getting questions wrong in those 50-50 scenarios were I would typically pick the wrong answer. I cannot thank him enough and will forever be grateful. I am also glad I got to meet him online since he is not only an A+ tutor and one of the smartest people I know, but he is so kind and hardworking and genuinely wants to make you a better version of yourself. Recommend 100%!

– AP, International Medical Student