I am an international doctor, and I had never heard of people close to me trying tutoring before. After taking Step 1, I knew I needed to increase my score on Step 2CK to make my residency application more competitive. I had read some posts about USMLE tutoring and luckily ran into Divine’s website. Having these one-on-one sessions with Divine was so worth it. I was surprised with the results given the relatively little time I spent with him. My step 2CK score was in the 95th percentile with 6 weeks of studying in total and one session per week with Divine, which is less time than is usual for international students/doctors. I strongly believe that my Step 2CK score was a great boost for my app and helped me get more interviews than I first expected. Divine helped me set up a study schedule for Step 2CK with a focus on resources that were tailored to my learning style. He helped significantly with improving my test taking ability with a regular focus on how strategy could help with easy and difficult NBME questions. This changed everything, including the way I approach tests up to this day. What I learned during those sessions also helped me with studying for Step 3 where I scored in the 99th percentile (also after working with him for a few weeks). Going through my wrong questions on the NBME assessments with him taught me how to think like the test makers and make the most of my knowledge base and prevented me from getting questions wrong in those 50-50 scenarios were I would typically pick the wrong answer. I cannot thank him enough and will forever be grateful. I am also glad I got to meet him online since he is not only an A+ tutor and one of the smartest people I know, but he is so kind and hardworking and genuinely wants to make you a better version of yourself. Recommend 100%!

– AP, International Medical Student