All June Classes (Step 1-3)

In this podcast, I discuss the review courses coming up in the month of June.

For Step 1-3;

The NBME Test Taking Class from 5-7.30 pm PST on 6/15

The 4 Hour Biostatistics Bootcamp from 4-8 pm PST on 6/16

The 5 Hour Social Sciences/Ethics/Quality Improvement/Communication Review from 3-8 pm PST on 6/17

For Step 1;

The 25 Hour Review from 3-8 pm PST from 7/3-8 (except 7/5)

For Step 2/3;

The 20 Hour Review from 3-8 pm PST from 6/19-23 (except 6/21)

The 50 hour, 500 Multiple Choice Question NBME Style Review for Step 2/3 from June 1-11 (Made a separate podcast where I discuss this class in detail) from June 1-11 (6/1-11)

Email me via the website to sign up/register for any of these zoom classes.

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Divine Intervention Episode 457: Horner’s Syndrome (a USMLE perspective)

Horner’s syndrome is very commonly tested on the USMLE exams. There are however some antecedents that are not commonly emphasized that could help one pin down the exact location of the lesion. In this short podcast, I explain these in detail so you have a true understanding of the different ways this simple topic can be tested.

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Divine Intervention Episode 454: USMLE Step 2/3 Rapid Review Series 94

In this episode, I continue our rapid review series for the USMLE Step 2CK/3 exams with a discussion of a series of vignettes dealing with “Jugular Venous Distension”. I make lots of integrations with other disciplines and try to explain pathophysiology so you can understand what is going on.

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