Motivation Monday: How To Deal With Medical Student/Resident Anxiety

Anxiety is a powerful paralytic and is an epidemic amongst healthcare practitioners (including myself). This podcast addresses principles and strategies that have helped tremendously in dealing with this issue both personally and from my experiences working with/helping others.

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Motivation Monday: How To Write an Excellent Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of the ERAS application. Many go about this stressful process the wrong way. This short podcast highlights specific principles and gives detailed examples of what to do to make your personal statement agreeable to an application reviewer.

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Divine Intervention Episode 338 – Fetal Heart Rate Tracings Made Easy (+ Step 2CK/3/COMLEX 9/6-9 course reminder)

People hate FHR tracings. But they are very easy if you have the right mechanistic understanding and identification pattern. This short podcast addresses FHR tracings in ways that will help you not get these questions wrong anymore (including management). There’s an attached PDF here that has some drawings. To register for the 2CK/3/COMLEX course, email me via the website.

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FHR Tracings Worksheet

Motivation Monday: How To Review UWorld and NBME Questions Efficiently

Many take an inordinately large amount of time to review questions from Qbank/NBME resources with limited benefit. This podcast addresses practical tips for dealing with this problem. At the end, I discuss my upcoming Step 2CK/3 courses and then wrap up with a life lesson on organization.

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Divine Intervention Episode 336 – USMLE Step 2CK Rapid Review Series 64 (+8/25-28 Step 2CK/3 Course Reminder).

In this HY but short podcast, I continue our rapid review series for the USMLE Step 2CK exam with a discussion on a host of HY neurological vignettes that classically show up on the test. For more details on the Step 2CK/3 course, email me via the website.

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Motivation Monday: How To Make The Most of Your 4 Week Dedicated Period for Step 2

The dedicated period for Step 2CK often represents a stressful time for many medical students. This podcast walks you through exactly what to do over a 29 day period as a means of increasing your chance of exam success. I discuss details like spacing your exams, doing questions, content review, taking breaks, and many more. Watch out for next week’s “Motivation Monday” podcast on how to review Qbank Questions efficiently.

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