Divine Intervention Episode 275 – USMLE Nov 2020 Changes Series 5: Diagnostic Errors.

In this episode, I continue the series that addresses the knowledge needed to answer the types of questions portrayed on the new exam that debuted on November 11. I am following the USMLE outline closely and in this podcast, discuss diagnostic errors. Instead of just inundating you with facts, I use examples to explain these concepts. There are no attached slides.

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Divine Intervention Episode 273 – The NBME and High Output Heart Failure (+ upcoming 2CK Course).

In this ultra HY episode, I discuss a concept that is often neglected in many resources: high output heart failure. This topic is actually reflected on the USMLE Step 1-3 exams. I utilize close to 15 common NBME scenarios to discuss and reinforce the topic. I also spend quite a bit of time explaining pathophysiology so you don’t have to mindlessly memorize details. There are no attached slides.

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Announcement: Upcoming 2CK/NBME Test Taking Course (12/10-12) + 30 hr Comprehensive USMLE Step 1 Course (1/4-8, 2021).

In this podcast, I discuss the upcoming 30 hr Step 1 (11a-5p MST from January 4th-8th 2021) and upcoming NBME Test Taking (12/10 from 2-4.30 pm MST) and 10 hr Step 2CK (12/11-12 from 11a-4p MST both days) courses. Email me via the website to get sign up information.

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Announcement: Upcoming Step 2CK/NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (12/10-12).

In this short podcast, I discuss the 10 hr comprehensive 2CK course and NBME Test Taking Strategies Course coming up from 12/10-12 via zoom.

The NBME Test Taking Course will be held from 2-4.30 pm MST on 12/10 via zoom.

The 2CK Course will be split into 2 days (5hrs/day) between 12/11-12 from 11a-4pm MST each day. Note that MST is 2 hrs behind EST.

Shoot me an email through the website: divineinterventionpodcasts.com for more details.

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Announcement Podcast: 30 hour Comprehensive USMLE Step 1 Course (12/2-5).

In this podcast, I discuss the 30 hr Step 1 Course taking place from 12/2-5 via zoom. Email me via the website for more details. The course will cover all disciplines tested on the USMLE Step 1 exam over a 4 day period. Should be excellent review for those taking Step 1 or trying to collate a solid knowledge base for medical school coursework in a short time frame.

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Divine Intervention Episode 270 – USMLE Step 2CK Rapid Review Series 43 (and upcoming 2CK Course 11/6-7).

In this short but ultra HY podcast, I continue the rapid review series for the Step 2CK exam with a discussion of unusual pathologies that commonly stomp students. There are no attached slides. For more details on the course, contact me via the website.

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