Divine Intervention Episode 400 – Get Your Head In The Game: The Psychological Aspects of Doing Well on Test Day

Almost as important as your prep for the USMLEs is what you do on exam day. This podcast discusses salient principles and ideas that should help you get the most from yourself and perform well in the big game situation of the USMLE exams.

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Divine Intervention Episode 399 – The 3 Confusing Poisonings (HY for Step 1-3)

In this HY podcast, I discuss salient means for differentiating poisonings from carbon monoxide, cyanide, and methemoglobin. I spend time discussing physiology that should help you navigate these questions with ease on exams. I conclude with a life lesson relevant to most medical students/trainees.

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Divine Intervention Episode 398 – Some Pharmacology Scenarios For Step 2/3

In this short podcast, I address some classic pharmacology scenarios that people routinely struggle with on USMLE exams. I take the time to carefully explain the underlying pathophysiology where appropriate so you’re not stuck memorizing mindless details.

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Divine Intervention Episode 392 – Pulmonary Pathophysiology Series 1

Pulm and it’s associated pathophysiology represents some of the most difficult material students have to learn in medical school. This podcast uses clinical vignettes and clear explanations to help you understand difficult concepts that people typically have issues with as they prepare for the USMLE exams. I plan to make more in the near future.

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