Divine Intervention Episode 379 – A Series of HY “Elderly Vignettes” for Step 1-3

This is an ultra HY podcast for all the USMLE exams. In this podcast, I discuss the vast majority of the “elderly specific” pathologies that tend to pop up on the test. I initially started this as a rapid review but decided to just ultimately laser in on these specific topics.

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Divine Intervention Episode 343 – Paraneoplastic Syndromes and The USMLEs (Step 1-3)

In this short but ultra HY podcast, I discuss the classic presentations (read: how they will be tested) of the vast majority of the paraneoplastic syndromes tested on the USMLE exams. It’s not a matter of if it will be tested, just a matter of which one. Listen to this before taking your exam.

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Divine Intervention Episode 325 – The Extremely HY Screening Guidelines Podcast.

Screening guidelines are heavily tested on all the USMLE exams (especially 2CK/3). In this extremely HY podcast, I discuss all you need to know from a screening perspective for NBME exams. I categorize things in a way that makes remembrance extremely easy. You will get many questions right from this podcast on your exam.

EDIT: For lung cancer, it’s a 20 pack year history (not 30 pack years). And screening starts at 50 years, not 55. Apologies for the confusion.

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Divine Intervention Episode 184 – The NBME Weird (Complications, Prognostics, More Risk Factors/Common Causes of Death/Screenings). An Episode 37/97 Extension.

In this episode, I discuss a series of odd topics that are pertinent to the current USMLE exams (especially Step 2CK and Step 3). These topics include most common complications of disease, important prognostic factors, most common causes of death, etc. I also discuss a host of risk factors not specifically discussed in Ep 37/97. As you can tell from recent reports on reddit/SDN, this is very HY stuff to know for said exams. There are no attached slides.

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Divine Intervention Episode 143 – The Clutch Biostats Review (Comprehensive for all the USMLE exams).

In this episode, I use a large # of questions (hopefully thoughtful ones) to discuss the vast majority of biostats concepts tested on all the USMLE exams (and also the ABIM/Medicine ITE). I emphasize understanding the concepts as against mindlessly memorizing formulas. If you want to become very good at biostats with little or no use of 2 by 2 tables, this is the podcast for you. This podcast should help you understand things enough to reason things out and do very minimal math quickly and efficiently on these exams. THERE ARE ATTACHED SLIDES BELOW! Follow and annotate them as you study.

Divine Intervention Episode 143 (USMLE Biostats Review)

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