Announcement Podcast: Upcoming Step 2CK/3 Course (7/30-31) and NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (7/29).

In this short podcast, I discuss the upcoming Step 2CK/3 Review course taking place on 7/30 and 31 (6-11 am PST and 1-6pm PST both days) along with the NBME Test Taking Strategies Course taking place on 7/29 from 2-4.30 pm PST. Email me via the website for cost/registration information. Both courses will take place on zoom.

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Divine Intervention Episode 327 – 26 Rules For ERAS and The 4th Year of Medical School (+ 7/14-17 2CK Course Reminder).

ERAS cycles and the 4th year of medical school are classically a challenging, tricky time for med students. This podcast provides a treasure trove of useful tips/tricks for thriving and succeeding through these processes.

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Announcement Podcast – Late July-September Comprehensive Step 2CK/3 + NBME Test Taking Strategies Course Dates.

In this short podcast, I detail late July-September dates for the Comprehensive Step 2CK/3 Course along with times/material covered on each day. You’re welcome to register for just 1 day of the course OR both days. Day 1 will cover IM + Neurology + Pediatrics. Day 2 will cover OBGYN, Psych, Biostatistics, Ethics, Healthcare Systems, Communications, Surgery, and Multisystem Processes and Disorders. Both days will run from 6am-11am am AND 1pm-6 pm PST. The test taking strategies course will take place from 2-4.30 pm PST each day. Indicate what days/courses you want in your email and I’ll send more details. Email me via the “contact” page on the website.

Cluster 1: NBME TTS Course on 7/29, Day 1 on 7/30, Day 2 on 7/31

Cluster 2: NBME TTS Course on 8/12, Day 1 on 8/13, Day 2 on 8/14

Cluster 3: NBME TTS Course on 8/26, Day 1 on 8/27, Day 2 on 8/28

Cluster 4: NBME TTS Course on 9/2, Day 1 on 9/3, Day 2 on 9/4

Cluster 5: NBME TTS Course on 9/9, Day 1 on 9/10, Day 2 on 9/11

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Divine Intervention Episode 326 – Pediatric Cardiology and Hemodynamic Changes for the USMLE exams.

The NBME is quite good at writing questions where they test your knowledge of pressures/volumes/hemodynamic changes associated with pediatric heart defects. Many MS3s/4s routinely get these questions wrong on exams. If you fall into this bucket, this podcast will effectively fix this problem. The concepts emphasized here are very heavily on the USMLE exams (Step 1-3) and peds shelf exams.

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Divine Intervention Episode 325 – The Extremely HY Screening Guidelines Podcast.

Screening guidelines are heavily tested on all the USMLE exams (especially 2CK/3). In this extremely HY podcast, I discuss all you need to know from a screening perspective for NBME exams. I categorize things in a way that makes remembrance extremely easy. You will get many questions right from this podcast on your exam.

EDIT: For lung cancer, it’s a 20 pack year history (not 30 pack years). Apologies for the confusion.

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Divine Intervention Episode 324 – USMLE Step 2CK Rapid Review Series 60 (+ 2CK/3 Course Reminder).

In this HY podcast, I discuss a host of vignettes that encapsulate key disease processes tested on the USMLE Step 2CK/3 exams. There are no attached slides. For more info on the upcoming Step 2CK/3 course, shoot me an email on the website.

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Announcement Podcast: Comprehensive Step 2CK/3/COMLEX 2 and 3 Course (7/15-17) + NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (7/14).

In this short podcast, I discuss the upcoming Step 2CK/3 (also suitable for COMLEX Level 2 and 3) course taking place from 7/15-17 this month (8am-noon AND 1-5 pm PST each day). I also discuss the NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (suitable for Step 2CK/3) taking place on 7/14 from 2-4.30 pm PST. For more details/payments, email me via the website.

We will review Neuro, IM, Surgery, Peds, Psych, OBGYN, Biostats, Ethics, Quality Improvement, Professionalism, Communication skills, and healthcare systems in great detail by way of up to 1800 scenarios. Hundreds of people have taken this course and done really well on their exams.

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Divine Intervention Episode 323 – Immunocompromised Patients, Transplant Patients, and the USMLEs.

In this ultra HY podcast, I discuss a wide variety of scenarios and permutations of immunocompromised/transplant patients that commonly show up on the USMLE exams. Think of this as a continuation of Ep 173 (Immunodeficiency diseases). I explain pathophysiology and break things down in ways that makes understanding and remembrance easy. I end with a life lesson on “motivation”. For more info on the Step 2CK/3 class starting tomorrow (6/28-7/2), email me via the website.

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Divine Intervention Episode 322 – Introduction to General Embryology.

In this HY podcast, I discuss the mechanisms associated with embryology from the formation of gonads to the formation of the implanted embryo and it’s 3 layers (endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm). I use clear explanations and logic to help you see how everything fits together. There are no attached slides.

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