Divine Intervention Episode 346 – Cardiovascular Pharmacology for The USMLE Step 2CK/3 Exams Part 1 (+ 11/1-5 Step 2CK/3 Course Reminder)

Cardiovascular pharmacology is an area that the NBMEs have a strong focus on across all USMLE exams. Most people find this topic too nebulous to study (wrt Step 2CK/3) as it integrates with so many disciplines. If this is your problem, you have come to the right place. The goal of this podcast series is to show you exactly what you need to know from an NBME perspective, help you understand the material, and help you integrate things in the way the NBME loves to integrate them. For more details relating to the 2CK/3 24 Hour Course and NBME Test Taking Strategies Course taking place in 2 weeks, shoot me an email via the website.

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