Announcement Podcast: Comprehensive Step 2CK/3/COMLEX 2 and 3 Course (7/15-17) + NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (7/14).

In this short podcast, I discuss the upcoming Step 2CK/3 (also suitable for COMLEX Level 2 and 3) course taking place from 7/15-17 this month (8am-noon AND 1-5 pm PST each day). I also discuss the NBME Test Taking Strategies Course (suitable for Step 2CK/3) taking place on 7/14 from 2-4.30 pm PST. For more details/payments, email me via the website.

We will review Neuro, IM, Surgery, Peds, Psych, OBGYN, Biostats, Ethics, Quality Improvement, Professionalism, Communication skills, and healthcare systems in great detail by way of up to 1800 scenarios. Hundreds of people have taken this course and done really well on their exams.

Audio Download

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