Announcement Podcast: 20 hr Step 2CK/3 Comprehensive Course (4/28-5/1) and NBME Test Taking Strategies Course.

In this short podcast, I discuss the upcoming comprehensive 2CK/3 course taking place in April (4/28-5/1). It’s 5 hrs each day from 11a-4p PST (2-7 pm EST) via zoom. The NBME test taking strategies class will hold on 4/27 from 2-4.30 pm PST (5-7.30p EST). These 2 courses have been taken by lots of people who have done really well on their exams and represent a hyper-efficient means of reviewing the vast majority of tested material (including Nov 2020 changes and some associated Step 1 content) in a short time frame. I focus extensively on helping you understand material and correctly answer questions as the NBME writes them.

Audio Download

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