Announcement: Upcoming 16.5 hr 2CK/NBME Test Taking Course in February (and Step 1 Course reminder 1/27-30).

In this podcast, I discuss the upcoming 2CK courses taking place in February (January registration closed).

2/3 is the NBME test taking strategies course from 2-4.30 pm MST via zoom.

2/4-6 is the 16.5 hr 2CK Course that also includes expanded content and the new 2CK changes from November 2020. Holds from 11-4.30pm MST each day via zoom.

Shoot me an email through the website to register.

The 30 hr Comprehensive Step 1 Course is from 1/27-30 via zoom 11-6.30 pm MST each day.

Audio Download

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