Divine Intervention Episode 132 – The Floridly High Yield USMLE Social Sciences Review (For Step 2CK, Step 3, and maybe Step 1)

In this episode, I discuss a lot of weird but HY commonly tested social science concepts from the USMLE exams written by the NBME. This podcast is specifically designed to help with those bizarro questions that test non-classical concepts not commonly discussed/covered in most study materials. In this podcast I discuss issues related to palliative/end of life/hospice/pain control care, diagnostic errors/biases, patient safety/QI, professionalism, standardized medical practices (like patient hand offs), ethical conundrums, HIPAA, advanced directives, substance abuse, quick run through of HY vaccines/screening guidelines, and a few more important concepts. You should absolutely listen to this before taking any of the USMLE exams (especially 2CK or 3). Super easy points if you know them. There are no attached slides.

Audio Download

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