Divine Intervention Episode 129 – Targeted Pulm Review 1 For The USMLE Step 2CK (also useful for Step 1 and 3)

Pulm is classically a hard subject for people to master. In general, there is little variation between what the NBME tests across the USMLEs on pulm topics. In this episode, I try really hard to help you understand and have a solid basis in pulm with a physiological bent on things. I discuss pulmonary physiology but then delve into HY NBME exam scenarios that show up frequently. On Step 2CK, many pulm concepts end up being analysis questions that demand a salient understanding of the underlying physiology. If pulm is an issue, this is the podcast for you. There ARE ATTACHED SLIDES below for some of the flow-volume loops.

Divine intervention episode 129-targeted pulm review

Audio Download

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