Divine Intervention Episode 28 – Antibiotics Part 2 (Protein Synthesis Inhibitors).

In this episode of the Divine Intervention Podcasts, I discuss essentially all exam testable information related to the protein synthesis inhibitors. I discuss relevant microbiology and associated information relating to other fields (especially GI and some psych references). No slides attached.

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Divine Intervention Episode 27 – Antibiotics Part 1 (Cell Wall Inhibitors)

In this episode of the Divine Intervention Podcasts, I discuss the vast majority of the USMLE pertinent information relating to the penicillins and all other cell wall inhibitors (cephalosporins, drugs covering Pseudomonas and S. Aureus, Aztreonam, Vancomycin, Aminopecillins, etc). There’s also some limited micro, pathology, heme, and immunology information discussed here. No slides attached since all the information is in the podcast.

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Divine Intervention Episode 12-Bacterial Cases A.

In this first podcast relating to bacteria (one of many to come), I discuss some HY information relating to more than a dozen bugs. The info is largely integrated with other micro, pharm, physiology, and cell biology. Slides attached.Divine Intervention Episode 12-Bacteria Cases A

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Divine Intervention Episode 7-Viral Cases C and Fungal Cases.

In this podcast, I discuss high yield clinical and exam testable information relating to the remaining viruses we have not expressly covered and essentially all fungi tested on the USMLE exams. Slides attached.Divine Intervention Episode 7 Viral Cases CFungal Cases


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Divine Intervention Episode 3-Viral Cases B.

Audio DownloadIn this podcast (a continuation of Episode 2), I use some more cases to go over the commonly tested information related to some viruses (Polio, Coxsackie, Hep A, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Rubella, Rubeola, and some other viruses). In addition to the micro information presented, there’s a lot of integration with other disciplines like pharmacology, pathology, and physiology. Divine Intervention Episode 3 Viral Cases BSlides attached in the post.