Divine Intervention Episode 352 – The Clutch Fungi Podcast for Step 2CK/3.

Believe it or not, fungi are heavily tested on Step 2CK and 3. This short podcast will gift you many easy points on your test. I discuss essentially all the fungi you need to know for your exams and then proceed to make the necessary integrations with other disciplines (like genetics).

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Divine Intervention Episode 300 – Comprehensive Coronavirus/COVID-19 Podcast for The USMLEs (Step 1-3).

In this extremely high yield podcast, I go into a thorough discussion of the coronavirus/COVID-19 in the context of NBME exams. I spend a lot of time explaining pathophysiology and making tons of integrations with immunology, cardio, pulm, micro, etc. This should essentially help you answer any USMLE Q you see and also help you understand a lot about what is going on with the pandemic in our world.

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Divine Intervention Episode 250 – The Ultra HY Vaccine Podcast (and upcoming 2CK Course 8.8.20).

In this super HY podcast, I discuss the commonly tested topic of vaccines (and their schedules). This stuff shows up a lot on the USMLEs (1-3), Family Med, Peds, OBGYN, and IM Shelf exams. I take a somewhat different approach to make it super easy to learn. First, I discuss lots of common exam scenarios so you’re not just memorizing information. Second, I give a bunch of rules that makes the information extremely digestible; and third, I describe vaccines for a few “special NBME populations”. Trust me, this podcast will make the vaccine schedules a lot more palatable to learn. There are no attached slides.

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Divine Intervention Episode 237 – HIV and The USMLE.

In this short podcast, I review essentially everything testable on any of the USMLE exams relating to HIV (Step 1-3). I would know this podcast really well as essentially most of this gets tested in 1 way or the other on exams. Also remember that S. Pneumo is the MCC of pneumonia in HIV patients (especially with lobar infiltrates). Only choose PCP if interstitial infiltrates are mentioned (and don’t forget to give steroids if A-a gradient > 35 or PaO2 < 70). There are no attached slides.

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Divine Intervention Episode 205 – Comprehensive USMLE Step 1 Microbiology Review Part 2.

In this episode, I continue the comprehensive micro review series for the USMLE Step 1 Exam. This specific podcast contains a ton of HY information (especially with the pneumonias and STDs). Micro is best learnt in groups and classic presentations so that’s my focus here. There are in fact attached slides. Note that the video version of this is posted on my youtube channel (Divine Intervention Podcasts and Videos).

Divine Intervention Ep 205 Q&amp;A Comprehensive Microbiology Review 2

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Divine Intervention Episode 201 – Comprehensive USMLE Step 1 Microbiology Review Part 1.

In this episode, I begin a comprehensive Micro review series for the USMLE Step 1 Exam. This is in addition to the rapid reviews I have which are also HY and useful right before an exam. There are attached slides and also a video recording (if you prefer that). All relevant links are below.

HY Microbiology Review 1

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Divine Intervention Episode 100 – The “Clutch” Micro Podcast.

In this episode of the Divine Intervention Podcasts (our 100th, God is good!), I review Micro (viruses, fungi, bacteria) with a unique focus solely on clinical cases/presentations. This podcast basically helps you think in terms of the way the NBME would frame bugs in clinical presentations. I call this the clutch podcast because you will likely get a minimum of 15ish questions correct on any of the USMLEs (1/2CK/3) if you master the material in this podcast. There are no attached slides.

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