Divine Intervention Episode 338 – Fetal Heart Rate Tracings Made Easy (+ Step 2CK/3/COMLEX 9/6-9 course reminder)

People hate FHR tracings. But they are very easy if you have the right mechanistic understanding and identification pattern. This short podcast addresses FHR tracings in ways that will help you not get these questions wrong anymore (including management). There’s an attached PDF here that has some drawings. To register for the 2CK/3/COMLEX course, email me via the website.

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FHR Tracings Worksheet

Divine Intervention Episode 317 – Breastfeeding, Newborn Jaundice, and The NBMEs.

In this ultra HY podcast, I discuss tons of different vignettes as they relate to newborn jaundice and breastfeeding. These things are routinely tested on the USMLE exams and are easy points if you know and understand the relevant pathophysiology. There are no attached slides.

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Divine Intervention Episode 118 – Some Confusing Breast Pathologies

This is a super short podcast. In this podcast, I tell you how to differentiate between mastitis, abscess, breast engorgement, galactocele, and inflammatory breast cancer on NBME exams. Too many people get this wrong so I am clearing this up in this podcast. There are no attached slides.

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