Announcement: March Step 1, 2, and 3 Classes + The NBME Test Taking Strategies Class, 4 Hour Biostatistics Class, and 5 Hour Social Sciences/Ethics Review

In this short podcast, I discuss the upcoming 5 Hour Social Sciences/Communications and Ethics Class for Step 1-3 (3/25 from 3-8 pm PST), 20 hr Step 2/3/Shelf exam course that takes place from 3/27-28 and 3/30-31  (3-8 pm PST each day), the NBME test taking strategies course for Step 1-3, taking place from 5-7.30 pm PST on 3/17, and the 4 hr biostatistics boot camp  (for Step 1-3) taking place from 4-8 pm PST on 3/18, all via zoom. Email me via the website for details on registration. These classes are not lecture based. They are all scenario based which matches most closely with what your exam will look like. I dig very deeply into pathophysiology and will really try to help you understand, not just memorize the material.

Audio Download

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